An enchanting story about perfume and travel finds a way to turn someone's life around. It is an encounter in an eternal experience for the senses.

The world is a wide place.

When it chooses specific individuals to meet in a specific place at a specific time, these individuals are likely tied to a purpose or mission. A matter of energy or mood, they are brought together to share common values, ideas or ambitions. This truth has been proven countless times over the centuries and has marked history with the most beautiful stories about passions and dreams coming true.

It is said that four different voyages of discovery began with one thing in common: a passion for perfume. Specialized in packaging development, design, sales and marketing, and fragrances, the four experts were each on a business mission that required them to find some answers in the world of perfumery.

For some reason, life chose for them to meet during their travels. In addition to their adventures along the way, the travelers exchanged stories of passion and lifelong knowledge in perfumery, and discussed future projects and ambitions that kept them up all night. Perfumery was the main topic on the table until the word "Orens" was spoken.


“Orens” was on the bucket list of every true traveler, and our four gentlemen were no exception. Claimed to be a secret garden known for its astonishing columns dating back centuries, as well as its unparalleled selection of rare flowers and mystical plants, distant Orens has been sought by many curious minds but reached by few.

The next days on the road the travelers revealed signs they could not ignore. They felt like hints of mysterious Orens were coming their way in the most random forms. Whether it was dangerous clues found in the most unexpected places or stories told to them during various encounters, the pieces of the Orens puzzle came together and images of that garden and its pillars took shape in the minds of the travelers . Overwhelmed with inspiration, they couldn't wait to share their exciting discoveries and love of fragrance with the world.

This is how they decided to combine their know-how and passion for the perfume industry to recreate "Orens" in a bottle.

A bottle that would not only pay tribute to the fascinating world of perfumery, but also to a place that they longed for and that has inspired thousands of people with its individuality and charm.

A bottle that, through an exceptional blend of scents, would make a unique journey around the world with all its scents and flavors that the four travelers lived and cherished.

The collections

Orens has two fragrance collections: BOUZI and KADOU. Both collections consist of four different scents.

BOUZI – Collection

Along the way, travelers came across several signs that they could not ignore. They felt like hints of mysterious Orens were coming their way, like in a clue-collecting game. The Bazi collection pays tribute to the first clue found under an old gazebo with a diamond pattern on the ceiling.

The collection offers a broad spectrum of distinctive and captivating notes: from sweet hints of raspberry to traces of a delicate rose that gracefully blend with ginger, vanilla and incense to ensure allure and originality.

The scents from the BOUZI collection:

  • Undea Des Iles
  • Sabil Nocturne
  • Utaki Sacre
  • Serr d'Eden

KADOU – Collection

The Kadou collection pays tribute to the different flowers that could be found in the magical Orens garden. Carved with the rose, queen of flowers, as the main symbol.

The Kadou collection is a vibrant floral bouquet that takes you on a mystical path through the garden where a noble iris and a shy lily of the valley mingle with a delicate rose, and where cedar and sandalwood harmonize with patchouli to create a mysterious oriental to reflect an identity that seems to have escaped from Eden.

The scents from the KADOU collection

  • Yama Rouge
  • Callis Subtile
  • Silenda d'Ecume
  • Moire de Kalha

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