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Cryolipolysis, also known as 'fat freezing' in common parlance, is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment used to reduce fat cells in specific parts of the body. It works by using low temperatures to freeze fat cells, causing them to become damaged and naturally eliminated by the body. During the treatment, a special device is placed on the area to be treated, and this device cools the skin and underlying fat tissue. The process is painless and requires no recovery time, making it attractive to people who want to reduce fat without surgery.

Cryolipolysis, or 'fat freezing,' is particularly effective for reducing small amounts of localized fat, such as love handles or a double chin. The result is usually gradual and can take several months to become fully visible. It is important to note that this treatment is intended for contour improvement and not for weight loss.

The treatment

The Cryolipolysis treatment, also known as "fat freezing," begins with a consultation to discuss your goals. During the treatment, a specialist places a special device on the targeted area. This device cools the fat tissue in a controlled and safe manner, causing the fat cells to freeze and become damaged.

The treatment usually lasts 30-60 minutes and is virtually painless. There is no recovery time needed, so you can resume your normal activities immediately. The results are not immediately visible as the body gradually eliminates the damaged fat cells naturally. It can take several weeks to months to see the full effect. In some cases, multiple sessions are needed to achieve your desired result.

In short, Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive way to reduce localized fat and offers an attractive alternative to surgical procedures.


  • Effective
  • Minimal Skin Irritation
  • Multiple Areas at Once

  • Face
  • Legs
  • Arms

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