Cold Plasma - youthfulness, health and beauty for your skin!

New treatment in our salon! Cold plasma treatment is very effective for the rejuvenation procedure. The treatment is not to be confused with Plasma Pen, Plasmotherapy or Cold Plasma, these are completely different procedures.

Cold plasma is suitable for various skin problems because 99% of bacteria and viruses are killed. The active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin layers so that the effect is more effective. Detoxification is well underway, so waste products are properly removed. Improved metabolism and microcirculation for healthier skin.

What happens during treatment?

View here how the treatment is carried out

Cold plasma works on the skin with so-called electroporation, which creates small channels in the cell membrane and makes it permeable to active ingredients and substances. They are opened very briefly, so in this way active ingredients can be injected into the skin in large quantities. This nourishes the connective tissue with vitamins, minerals and enzymes and increases cell activity and regeneration. As a result, you will notice that your skin will look healthy and firm.

Cold plasma not only works on the skin, but it penetrates through the skin into the connective tissue and into the lymphatic system, releasing oxygen. Ozone oxygen neutralizes free radicals and combines with toxins and renders them harmless. Ozone thus supports the removal of waste.

When this is done in a treatment setting and supported with the right products. You will ultimately get dazzling results. Are you not seeing any results? You will get your money back.

Cold Plasma - youthfulness, health and beauty for your skin!

Indications for use:

  1. Correction of drooping eyelid
  2. Lifting of the outer corner of the eye
  3. Facial resurfacing
  4. Resurfacing of the neck
  5. Resurfacing of the abdominal skin
  6. Poppy wrinkle correction
  7. Correction of the area of ​​malarbags, smoothing the contours of hernias of the upper and lower eyelids.
  8. Correction of crow's feet
  9. Nasolacrimal furrow correction
  10. Nasolacrimal furrow correction
  11. Correction of nasolabial wrinkles
  12. Correction of sourness around the mouth
  13. Resurfacing of the forehead
  14. Brow lift
  15. Correction of parotidal lines and wrinkles
  16. Facial oval correction
  17. Correction and prevention of a double chin
  18. Sharpening the rings of Venus
  19. Correction of dark circles under the eyes
  20. Improving skin texture and turgor in every area
  21. Removal of lentigo
  22. Removal of keratomas, papillomas, acrochordons, warts 23. Removal of post-acne
  23. Acne treatment
  24. Rosacea treatment
  25. Onychomycosis treatment
  26. Stretch mark correction
  27. Removal of hypertrophic scars
  28. Correction of postoperative scars regardless of area 30. Removal of xanthelasmas
  29. Treatment of corns
  30. Treatment of pressure sores and long-term non-healing wounds 33. Correction of solar elastosis
  31. Rejuvenation of the skin of the hands
  32. Rejuvenation of earlobes
  33. Tattoo removal
Cold Plasma - youthfulness, health and beauty for your skin!

Benefits for patients:

  • Lasting result;
  • Short treatment duration;
  • Has a cumulative effect up to 3 months;
  • Accessibility of the procedure compared to surgery;
  • Visible results even after the first treatment;
  • Few contraindications;
  • Diabetic patients can undergo the procedure;
  • No age restrictions;
  • Many areas can be treated in one session;
  • It can be combined with other rejuvenation methods;
  • Fast rehabilitation period;
  • Initiates the natural rejuvenation process, without injections;
  • The plasma arc has a bactericidal effect;
  • Has a therapeutic effect.


  • Pacemaker, Holter ECG monitor, Holter blood pressure monitor or other implanted electrical devices;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Psychiatric disorders;
  • Presence of metal objects in the treatment area;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Lactation period;
  • All uncontrolled or poorly controlled chronic diseases Acute period of infectious diseases, fever;
  • ENT diseases in an acute stage;
  • Thyroid disease (nodules, tissue hypertrophy, hormonal changes);
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Allergy to anesthetics such as Emla ointment.


  • Upper Eyelids €250
  • Under Eyelids €250
  • Upper and lower eyelids €390,-
  • Light up around eyes €150
  • Crow's feet from €225,-
  • Forehead wrinkles €225,
  • Frown lines €175,-
  • Nasolabial fold €175,-
  • Upper lip (smoker's lines) €225,-
  • Lower lip wrinkles €225,-
  • Upper and lower lip wrinkles €390
  • Upper and lower lip wrinkles + Nasolabial fold €450
  • Double chin €175,-
  • Ear pleats € 175,-
  • Neck / Neck lift €300
  • Cleavage (on request)
  • Other Skin folds and sagging (on request)

In some cases we recommend multiple treatments to achieve the best results.

Receive a 20% discount for the second treatment. You will receive a 30% discount for the third treatment. The promotion applies if you arrive within the specified time of the specialist.

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